Take your Asset Verification Process to the next level with the flexibility and simplicity of our verification solution.

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Verify is a unique, new, home-grown, locally developed system created specifically for the purposes of verifying existing asset registers or creating a new register from scratch.  


It easily integrates with existing Asset Management systems via common data loading files. This essentially means that Verify can plug into your asset register and assist you with the verifications.


Unique Verification Technology

AccTech Verify has moved away from the old, traditional barcode scanners, and on to smart devices.  A result of this new technology is that you can capture information that could not be recorded in the past.


Real-time Reporting

The biggest advantage of the verification is the ability that you now have to monitor the progress of your project’s status on a real time basis. You can use the dashboard to monitor your asset verification progress as it happens.


Web Interface

All users are assigned a role based on their security level, they are allowed access to various functions through a web browser. Interactive drill-downs makes it easy to inquire on the detail of any specified area on the verification.



Mobile Interface

  • Login security to access your projects
  • Instantly see the progress of any verification from your mobile device
  • Any Verification done is timestamped and updated automatically

Fully Compatible

  • Commonly defined data loaders ensure full integration to different systems
  • No additional hardware investments needed

Owner Sign Off

  • Owner can confirm and sign off asset list from a mobile device
  • Any discrepancies are handled on the spot 
  • Reports automatically mailed to owner